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Date Comment
2023-09-12 Pictures updated, lyrics updated
2018-02-12 Lyrics updated, music updated
2017-12-26 Site update to V3.1, music updated
2017-08-05 Lyrics updated.
2015-06-15 Musicians updated, new videos
2015-06-14 Big Puma 3.0 update, removed dead links
2014-10-19 Transferred site to new provider
2014-06-02 New pictures, water-can
2013-03-21 Some updates
2012-04-11 Mainpage updated, new music added, video bug fixed + new videos added
2011-08-03 Music and videos updated
2011-04-17 Lyrics and videos updated
2010-10-27 Twitter-Link, 4 new songs
2010-10-22 Added facebook-link, videos updated
2010-08-19 Lower page level refreshment part II
2010-08-08 Updated page lower levels, new lyrics
2010-07-07 Added Guenter Netzer viedeo-clip
2010-05-31 Add pictures of our last gig
2010-03-23 Newsletter function added
2010-01-02 HTML done by V4.01 Transitional, bugfix in internal area
2009-12-18 FavIcon works again.
2009-10-07 Entered MusikerVZ
2009-10-06 Now all music titles are online
2009-10-05 Big Puma page 2.1, iFrame finally eliminated and replaced by a div :-)
2009-10-04 Correct some bugs in the new page design
2009-09-15 New Category: Videos, added Hessentagclip 2009
2009-09-12 Big Puma 2.0 page.
2009-09-03 Videos, musicians and lyrics updated.
2009-01-27 Added pictures from the latest gig.
2008-08-04 Link to videobeatz :)...
2008-06-27 Music videos added...
2008-02-09 Links updated...
2008-01-15 Page translated to english...
2008-01-07 Nexus added to music. Removed spam from guestbook...
2008-01-05 Links extended...
2007-12-31 Updated the music. This might become a CD :-) The files are only premixes!
2007-12-27 Updated lyrics and pictures. Removed spam from guestbook :-) ...
2006-08-15 Finally a new gig :-) Unfortunately it is already passed.
2005-11-28 Pictures and music updated (Marburg gig).
2005-10-10 Music updated (Michelbach gig). Lyrics updated.
2005-09-23 Lyrics correction. Links updated.
2005-09-20 Some minor changes, a gig with Argus on 1st of October in Michelbach.
2005-09-14 Some more pictures, music and a contact page.
2005-09-11 A own server!
2005-09-10 Finally a own guestbook!
2005-09-09 First page contents
2005-09-07 First preversion of the page